Mountaineers Club House

Freeform & Goats, Seattle Mountaineers Grand Opening!
Freeform & Goats, Seattle Mountaineers Grand Opening!

Mountaineers Club House: Seattle, WA


Entre Prises USA was psyched on the project for the Seattle Mountaineers to design & implement Freeform & Imprint Climbing walls, bouldering walls, and climbing wall towers for the Seattle Mountaineer's new headquarters at Magnuson Park, in Seattle.   EP USA specifically designed the climbing walls to meet the needs for their training and teaching curriculum.

The Seattle Mountaineers, is one of the oldest climbing clubs in the United States. The club was founded in 1906,  to explore the wild areas surrounding the City of Seattle.  The Seattle Mountaineers club currently has over 10,000 members.

From the Mountaineers construction website - "On Dec. 10, along with Walt Reissig of MIRG, we reviewed the south climbing wall at Enter Prises in Bend, Oregon. The wall builders are exceeding both our expectations and their proposal. The south wall was moved to a secure storage space in December to await installation in May 2008. Enter Prises is scheduled to fabricate our interior wall in February."   See Photos from Flickr


Surface: 2600.00 sf

Height: 31.00'