Kids Commons Climbing Wall
Kids Commons Climbing Wall

Kids Commons

The new climbing wall at Children's museum for the City of Columbus, Indiana is truly a unique design. This wall is shaped to resemble the outside of the building itself. After much research, the city decided that our Freeform product would best suite its design criteria; the wall had to embody the City’s commitment to architecture as well as allow kids a climbing challenge. Not the norm when it comes to Freeform shaping, but a great example of the limitless options and flexibility of our Freeform product.

Columbus, Indiana has earned world-wide recognition for its modern architecture. In 1991, the American Institute of Architects surveyed 829 of its members. They ranked Columbus 6th among U.S. cities in architectural quality and innovation. Only Chicago, New York, Washington, San Francisco, and Boston ranked higher. Entre Prises is very proud to be a part of the City’s commitment to displaying some of the world’s great architectural designs.

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