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Early renderings of the new climbing gym
Early renderings of the new climbing gym


Project Announcement - 2/2015:

The next Vertical Ventures Climbing Gym is leaving the production floor and heading to Saint Petersburg, Florida from Bend, Oregon.  Entre-Prises installers will arrive on site the 2nd week of February and start getting primary frames and substructure in place for the 10,000 sq. ft. of MozaiK climbing surface. The facility will keep both route setters and climbers of all ability levels excited with varying terrain.  The gym will have 35+ rope lines up to 30ft., over a dozen 40ft. rope lines and 65+ bouldering lines with heights up to 14ft.  We will update everyone more as the project progresses. Estimated completion time is currently end of March.

Why did Vertical Ventures chose EP?

"With their decades of experience designing and implementing climbing walls, as well as unique product advancements(non-marking surface, etc..), EP was always at the top of our list when researching wall manufacturers.  Further interactions from quoting and design to construction and timelines have only reassured us that EP is the right team for our needs."

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Surface: 10000.00 sf

Height: 40.00'