University of Utah

preliminary design
preliminary design

University of Utah; Salt Lake City, UT, USA

Lead climbing and bouldering are heading into production for the University of Utah very soon.  The initial designs seen here have changed a little since the beginning of the project, mostly adding some more square footage and finishing up the details.  Overall this will be a great athletic training and programming area for students on campus including:

Lead climbing walls with expansive flat / geometric style providing endless route setting capabilities.  54 ft tall walls will be sure to test every endurance level and 11 lines will keep everyone climbing.

A bouldering area will include over 1,700 sq. ft. of climbing surface, allowing about 22 climbers.

Overall the climbing terrain is diverse and welcoming for all levels of climbers.  We look forward to getting this project through production and heading to the university soon to start the installation.  Keep an eye out here, on our news feed and Facebook, as we collect more images we will continue to post and update information.

Surface: 4600.00 sf

Height: 54.00'