Maggie Daley Park - North Grant Park

Maggie Daley Park - North Grant Park: Chicago, IL, USA

For Entre-Prises Climbing Walls, this will mark another highlight accomplishment to design, manufacture and build a great field of play that will introduce climbing for generations and provide largest manufactured climbing space open to the public - IN THE WORLD.

The climbing area will consist of over 19,000 sq. ft of climbing surface including 60+ rope lines, 70+ bouldering lines with lead towers topping out at 42 ft. tall.  Climbing will benefit everyone from beginner to expert.

This is another step leading the Entre-Prises mission in bringing climbing to everyone.  Maggie Daley Park, Chicago, IL, is taking an underground parking rennovation project in the ultimate direction.  “Conceived of as a counterpoint to Grant Park, which is composed largely of formal landscape “rooms,” Maggie Daley Park will be curvilinear, topographically dramatic, and relentlessly heterogeneous. Running northwest-to-southeast will be a corridor of active recreation, including a three-acre play garden, a café, a rock-climbing park, and a seasonal ice-skating ribbon nestled in an evergreen grove.” - Michael Van Valkenburgh Associates Inc,

“The primary goal of the creation of Maggie Daley Park is to develop park uses and landscape experiences that reflect the evolving open space needs of downtown Chicago. By establishing a network of park space that varies in scale and purpose, and that includes innovative play space, Maggie Daley Park will establish a distinctive presence that will significantly broaden the appeal and usefulness of Grant Park as a whole.” - Chicago Park District:


ATC Dailey - Maggie Daley Park Skating Ribbon Opens - climbing walls during installation

CBS Chicago - Climbing Walls Nearing Completion

Surface: 19000.00 sf

Height: 42.00'