A Next Generation Climbing and Fitness Facility in Fort Collins

Ascent Studio | Climbing & Fitness

  • Facility Type - Climbing Gym
  • Surface Tech - MozaiK
  • Climbing SqFt. - 14092
  • Facility Features - Indoor
  • Location - Fort Collins, CO

Doors opened 2016.

Entre-Prises partnered with Ascent Studios Climbing & Fitness and Brinkman Construction to expand a rapidly growing climbing community with a brand new rock climbing facility in Fort Collins, the heart of Northern Colorado, and is the premier location for climbers along the Front Range.

One of the most iconic features of the gym is the 24’ bouldering ramp that towers at a 50°+ angle to provide climbing from ground floor to mezzanine and creates bouldering “routes” that are more than 40’ long. More bouldering features a variety of angles from gentle slab to steep overhang with heights up to 15’ and sections for top-out.


The roped wall will reaches heights up to 47’ and provides approximately 45 top-rope lines (most of which are leadable). It also features two official IFSC speed climbing lanes, auto-belays, cracks of varying widths, dry tool routes, a dedicated training area with adjustable system walls, campus board, poutre, and hang-boards.

In addition to all the climbing amenities, Ascent also offers a yoga studio suitable for aerial silks, free weights, cardio, childcare, full service locker rooms and a slack line available during off-peak times.


- Bouldering from gentle slab to steep overhang, 13' to 15' tall sections with some top-out
- Roped climbing walls from 34' to 47' tall, approximately 45 top-rope lines (most are leadable)
- Approximately 15 anchor points that are lead-only
- Auto-belays
- Two speed climbing lanes
- Arêtes, hanging arêtes, dihedrals, roofs, mini-roofs, slabs
- Cracks: fingers, hands, fists, left and right facing corners
- Dry-tool routes (seasonally)
- 6-7 week turnover rate by the routesetting crew
- Yoga studio with high ceilings, suitable for aerial silks
- Dedicated training area with two climber-adjustable system walls, campus board, poutre (beam), hang-boards, free weights, cardio
- Slackline (off-peak use)
-Outdoor patio
- Full-service locker rooms
-Child care


Ascent Studio Cliombing & Fitness